Erebus Premium Surfing Wetsuits


"Design based on simple necessity - not marketplace trends." The Erebus team are focused on developing design solutions based on need - not trends. Minimal design solutions to complex problems are achieved when the design process begins from a blank canvas and not with pre-contrived influences. Our design team are committed surfers testing each and every product with relentless drive to constantly improve and refine our product design in search of the ultimate performance wetsuits.



"Comprise on nothing." We are committed to using only the finest possible craftspeople in the production and design of our wetsuits. All our wetsuits are crafted by hand, incorporating advancement in technologies only when its performance is proven. From the outset Erebus has partnered with leading suppliers and manufacturers to help develop our products and ensure all our components and construction are of the very highest standards.



"Proven performance." We continually strive to research and develop future advancements in neoprene materials and wetsuit technologies. At the heart of every new product is years of experience, prolonged testing and relentless scrutinising assuring proven performance of all our products to our customers. We strive to develop a suit that will perform as we state and won't let you down when you need it most.