If you look after your wetsuit like you do your favourite surfboard you’ll get many good years out of it. Let's face it, most of us do very little to maintain our wetsuits.

Heres 3 simple things do to extend the life of your suit:

1. Putting on and removing.
It may be obvious but you should never put heavy stress on the zipper or seams when putting on or taking off your wetsuit. Don’t change on the dirt, sand or mud as this will stick into the fine nylon and cause damage to the suit materials over time.

2. Washing.
Wash your wetsuit in fresh water after every surf! Salt is a natural corrosive to nearly every material on the planet and the same goes for neoprene. If you want to make your suit smell nice use don’t pee in it and use a mild cleaning agent to wash it occasionally - like wool wash.

3. Drying & Storing.
Shade good, sun bad. Drip dry your wetsuit in a shady place using a wide shouldered hanger. Using pegs or hanging over a clothesline will put compression / crush marks on modern high stretch neoprenes. When storing your suit over an extended period always hang in a dry place - do not fold and crush your suit.