The motivation for starting Erebus involved members of the Erebus team spending decades of experience designing and developing many of the world’s best wetsuits for leading watersports companies. Respecting those companies who have helped develop the sport from its earliest days, and provided us with employment opportunities and diverse development and design experience, we knew we could make a more advanced/superior wetsuit at a lower cost to the buyer. Our aim, as an independent entity, is to take personal and professional responsibility for the development and design of every Erebus wetsuit. We wanted wetsuits made with integrity.

As surfers foremost, we test all our wetsuits and products in the harshest conditions of the extreme Southern Ocean. We only use materials and components that can stand up to/withstand the extreme cold and conditions this environment delivers, we use this uncompromising environment as the foundation to which we develop all our products.


Design is based on simple necessity - not marketplace trends. Erebus is focused on exploring new design solutions in order to perform and function to the highest possible standard. Minimal design solutions to complex problems is achieved when the design process begins from a blank canvas and not with pre-contrived influences. Our design team are committed surfers, testing the products with relentless drive to constantly improve and refine wetsuit design in search of the ultimate performance wetsuits.


Comprise on nothing. We are committed to using only finest possible craftsmen and women in the production and design of our wetsuits. All our wetsuits are crafted by hand, incorporating advancement in technologies only when its performance is proven.

From the outset Erebus has partnered with only leading suppliers and manufacturers in the world to help develop our products and ensure all our components and construction are of the highest standards anywhere.


Performance is priority. We work hard to develop and test the latest technologies and make sure those used in our wetsuits and products have proven performance in what they claim. We strive to develop a suit that will perform when you need it most.

We stand behind every product we sell. We scrutinise and test all aspects of the wetsuits, from the materials used through to the smallest of details, to ensure your Erebus wetsuit will perform exactly as we state.


As a company (more so as people) we have a social responsibly to ensure all our contracted companies and manufacturers are engaging in positive social and environmentally responsible practices. We do this by visiting the factory floors and asking where and how materials are developed and sourced. If those conditions aren’t to the high standards we set we will always endeavour to source elsewhere. We believe we have a responsibility to lead others to do the same/>
The Erebus team are committed to looking after our environment for us and for the next generations. We constantly endeavour to use environmentally friendly materials when possible and to achieve the highest standards. We are currently in the process of developing a new range of wetsuits utilising and supporting companies such as Yulex® who are leading the industry in making environmentally friendly neoprene alternatives.

No less than 5% of profits go toward purchasing and consolidating pockets of land for environmental importance to do our part in protecting and improving the planet’s remaining natural waterways and forests.