Stoked with this 3/2 wetsuit steamer review from one of our customers - had to share it!
Hi Erebus team

After being disappointed by my last wetsuit which was from a major brand, it was ill-fitting and the zippers did not last 2 years, the collar also split therefore allowing water into the wetsuit. I did a lot of research to make sure I would be happy with my next wetsuit purchase.

I was happy to stumble on your website and was impressed with what I saw. I eventually ordered the Erebus Ultimate Series wetsuit 3/2mm in Large. I live in Sydney and mainly surf at Cronulla. I received the wetsuit THE NEXT DAY after ordering - very impressed.

Trying it on at home it fits like a glove. I am age 41, approx. 84kg and 178cm high approx. I have tried many major brand wetsuits in the past few months and all did not feel great. No joke your wetsuit feels like it was custom made for me, the tightness around the lower legs and arms feels like a comfortable seal that will not allow water in. The neck seal is also very detailed and is far above the quality I have seen in other wetsuits. This is very important for me as my last wetsuit which I paid a lot of money for was destroyed by a poor neck seal.

The back and torso areas are comfortable but are tight as well, like I said it fits like a glove. The glue work on the external seams is also very impressive and straight away you can see that it is premium quality. Also the chest zip is massive - it looks bullet proof, very impressed.

I had a surf this morning and I give it 10 out of 10. No issues with water leaks or manoeuvrability and flexibility. Getting in and out is a breeze and the black material with the gold decal looks great.

Thank you guys so much for producing such a high end product, your attention to detail and use of quality material has not gone unnoticed. I have been surfing in a poorly made wetsuit for the last 2 years even through it was roughly a similar cost to your one, and it has not been fun. Now I can look forward to my winter surfs being more enjoyable.

Keep up the great work and feel free to include this feedback on your website or social medial.
Ivan Haramina
Sans Souci
October 11, 2017 by Edward Sawers